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MOST OF THE COMMITTEE Open Show 2013 with Judge Daniel Roberts and die-hard members at close of show with no home to go to!

Committee (front) Caroline Borrett, Liz Scoates, Guy Hazlehurst (Treasurer) Daniel, Joanne Wallis Baga (Chairman) Heather Simper (Secretary), Michelle Williams, Maureen Osborn. back row 2nd right Rob Butler and next to him Pauline Lock. Jeanette Davey is AWOL from the photo!  Sylvia Lady Dalrymple Hay was on holliday, and Lynette Ayres unable to be with us. Great fun and always such a happy atmosphere! Don't miss the next show!!

Contact Details for Officers of the Club who will point you in the right direction whatever your query -

Joanne Wallis Baga (Chair)  Tel: 01205 609604. Email:

Heather Simper (Secretary) Tel: 01235 850289  Email:

Guy Hazlehurst (Treasurer)  Tel:                         Email:


The South Western Tibetan Spaniel Club was founded in 1974 to promote the improvement of the breed, by holding shows, seminars and any other appropriate event. We hold a Championship Show and an Open Show every year, and a Seminar at intervals to promote understanding of the breed and to help train judges. To this end we keep an Approved Judges List. Please contact the secretary for an up to date list and details.




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SWTSC Code Of Ethics

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  The South Western Tibetan Spaniel Club was founded in 1974


Founder Members:


Mrs. Lyn Donaldson (Eulyn) * Mrs. Deirdre Jenkins (Amcross) * Mrs. Lou Weller (Witneylea)

Miss M.C. Hourihane (Amcross) * Mrs. Mary Gidman (Clawson) * Mrs. Irene Edwards (Redgame)

Lady Sylvia Dalrymple-Hay (Parkplace) * Miss Peggy Burnett (Tibskips)

Mrs. Jane Lilley (Kensing) * Mrs. Ann Keen (Deanford) * Mrs. D. Cheetham * Mrs. D. Whiteley


Chairpersons, Officers, Presidents:


Past Presidents


1974-1978  Miss Phyllis Mayhew (Mingshang)

1980-1992  Miss Peggy Burnett (Tibskips)

1992 - 2013 Mrs. Deirdre Jenkins (Amcross)


Past Chairpersons


1974-1978  Mrs. Lyn Donaldson (Eulyn)

1978-1980  Mrs. Barbara Spencer (Sanubray)

1980-1998  Mrs. Anne Hamer (Dockenfield)

1998-2010  Miss Heather Simper (Clydum/Wellbarn)


Past Secretaries


1974-1994  Mrs. Deirdre Jenkins (Amcross)

1994-1998  Mrs. Linda Micklethwaite (Wildhern)

1998-2010  Miss Lynette Ayres (Gemette)


Past Treasurers


1974-1979  Miss M.C. Hourihane (Amcross)

1979-2010  Mrs. Sylvia Jones (Murty)


Present Officers and Committee


Patron - Mrs. Anne Hamer (Dockenfield)

President - Miss MC Hourihane (Amcross)

Hon Life Vice Presidents - Mrs. Pat Atkins (Tsingay) * Mrs. Sylvia Jones (Murty) 

Helen, Lady Dalrymple-Hay

Chairman - Miss Joanne Wallis Baga (Velrok)

Vice Chairman - Mrs. Tania Hayman

Secretary - Miss Heather Simper (Clydum/Wellbarn)

Treasurer - Mr. Guy Hazlehurst (Kavarnagh)

Committee -  Mrs. Caroline Borrett (Tibama) * Mr. Rob Butler

* Mrs. Tanya Hayman (Tajatonwi) * Mrs. Pauline Lock (Paulin)

Mrs. Maureen Osborn (Quailmoor) * Miss Elisabeth Scoates (Clydum/Wellbarn)

Mrs. Michelle Williams (Medeary)* Mrs. Pam Wayman



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